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Bee Leader v1.0.3 یکی از بهترین و اعتیادآورترین و محبوب ترین بازی های سیستم عامل IOS می باشد که اکنون شاهد عرضه شدن نسخه اندرویدی آن توسط استودیوی Flightless بصورت کاملا رایگان برای اندروید را شاهد هستیم. شما در این بازی کنترل زنبور های عسل را در دست میگیرید و با رفتن کنار گل ها و خوردن گل های کوچک برای خود عسل جمع آوری کرده و در کندو ذخیره کنید.

دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید دانلود بی لیدر Bee Leader 1.0.3 بازی زنبور ملکه اندروید
Bee Leader - It's busy time!
The bees need you! Become a Bee Leader and help the bees fill their hives with honey. Download Bee Leader now and see why it was selected as one of the best mobile games of 2012 with over 3 million downloads worldwide.

*** App Store Best of 2012
*** App Store 'Free App of the Week' May 2013

*** #1 app & game in 6 countries
*** Top 10 iPhone app in 53 countries
*** Top 10 iPad app in 87 countries

* Touch Arcade 4.5 stars - "Bee Leader both surprises and delights from moment one."

* Modojo 4.5 stars - "Challenging, fun and readily-accessible title that ranks right up there with the best iPhone and iPad have to offer."

* The App Shack 4.5 stars - "Will definitely wind up being one of my favorite casual high-scoring arcade games of the year."

* iFanzine 4.5 stars - "A beautifully crafted game that oozes creativity and whimsical charm."
* Gamezebo 4 stars - "A game every iDevice owner should try. Like a honeycomb dripping honey, it oozes quality from nearly every facet."

* App Spy 4 stars - "It's certainly bee-lightful."

* TUAW - "Bee Leader is one of the most charming iPhone games I've come across in a long time."

* Touch Arcade - "trailer was absolutely amazing!"
"Extremely simple concept taken to a level of perfection, almost like Tiny Wings meets Minecraft."
"Totally blown away, looks great on the new iPad, controls really well."

* Touch Arcade Forums - "PERFECT example of how an iOS game should be!"
"Incredible polish and great gameplay. Full recommendation."
"Controls are spot on! Graphics are incredible! Music is perfect!"

* AppCroc.com - "Surely going to blow you away with its amazing visuals and cute characters."

* Best10Apps.com, Editor's Pick - "Addictive and exciting with dazzling UI. You can't miss it."

Fly around the world and hover over flowers to collect nectar. Look out for enemies and bad weather! Collect as much nectar as you can before the sun sets. The faster you get nectar back to your hive the more honey you'll make! Pick up plenty of bonuses along the way - nectar, honey, time, and bee
buddies. The more bee buddies you find, the more nectar you'll collect. More nectar means more honey - sweet!

To climb up the Bee Leader ranks fly through different worlds making honey - Just Desert, Country Life, City Heights, Island Time and London Fun. Each world has different obstacles, enemies, flowers, bonuses to break open and other fun interactive goodies. Some worlds are small, others are big, and there's a few surprises along the way. Control your bee using your preferred method: joystick, touch or tilt.

Get busy!

Watch the trailers at;
Official Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QhkhlnUv8A&hd=1
Gameplay Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-6HqpeoZb0&hd=1

- available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Windows Phone
- beautiful HD design & illustration
- 16 levels over 5 different worlds
- cool flight model & fun physics
- great interactive sound
- supports touch, joystick and tilt controls
- social networking & sharing support coming soon
- pesky hornets

Bee Leader
A Flightless Production
by Greg Harding, John O'Reilly and Ali Teo.
Copyright 2012 Flightless Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


Additional Platform Development by Rush Digital Interactive

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