نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید

بازی رایگان بیلیارد ایرانی هشت
امکان بازی یک به یک با کاربران ایرانی
امکان بازی با دوستان خود
همراه با مسابقات (تورنامنت های) میلیونی درون بازی به صورت ماهیانه
و چندین امکانات جذاب دیگر
امکان نصب بر روی سیستم عامل اندروید
دارای مجوز رسمی از بنیاد بازی های رایانه ای
دانلود نسخه اندروید

اولین سامانه مدیریت خانواده و مراقبت از خانواده در فضای مجازی در ایران
- موقعیت لحظه ای و مسیر یابی خطی
- گزارش عملکرد در شبکه های اجتماعی
- تلگرام ، واتس اپ ، اینستاگرام ، لاین
- مدیریت دسترسی به وب سایتها
- امکان فیلترینگ تماس ها و پیامک ها
- و ده ها قابلیت کاربردی دیگر

دانلود نرم افزار

توجه داشته باشید:
چنانچه سوال یا اشکالی در مورد این مطلب دارید، همکاران ما 24 ساعته پاسخگوی شما هستند.
تماس از خط ثابت با شماره: 9099070345

vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) v0.5.8 میتواند به طور اتوماتیک اقدام به دانلود ویدئوهای قرارگرفته در وب سایت ها نماید ، آنها را با هر پخش کننده نصب شده پخش کنید، یا آنها را از طریق DLNA/UPnP یا Chromecast به طور مستقیم روی یک تلویزیون هوشمند پخش نمایید.

محدودیت های vGet :
– یوتیوب با توجه به شرایط محدودیت خدمات پشتیبانی نمی شود.
– بدون پشتیبانی از هر نوع فرمت جریان (HLS، RTSP)
– ویدئوهای فلش در تمام وب سایت ها قابل شناسایی نیستند.

WHAT'S NEW 0.5.8 :

- Fix crash when using with chromecast cast on some devices
نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید نرم افزار vGet Full (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.8 دانلود ویدئو از سایت ها اندروید
vGet detects videos embedded in websites and allows to download them, stream them with any installed Player, or play them via DLNA/UPnP or Chromecast directly on a Smart TV.

See below for pricing options.
Now also available for Chrome: http://goo.gl/ETMNa3

Play Videos directly on your Smart TV

vGet supports DLNA/UPnP to play (cast) videos directly on a DLNA-Device in your local network. Many devices out there support DLNA, for example Smart TVs, XBox, MediaCenters, AllShare Devices etc. As opposed to many other DLNA-tools, vGet does not relay the video stream over your mobile device but streams directly from the internet. This saves battery life - the video even keeps playing when you switch off your Android device completely. So vGet offers Chromecast-like functionality without requiring additional hardware.
It also supports Chromecast.

Download Videos

Download any video for later offline viewing. vGet includes an integrated download manager that supports multiple concurrent connections to speed up downloads. It automatically increases the number of connections as long as this improves the download speed, if supported by the server.

Stream Videos
Play embedded videos with the player of your choice. Choose any installed Video-Player (e.g. MXPlayer, VLC, etc.) to stream them directly without downloading. This even works for flash videos.

Supported Videos

vGet works as a simple web-browser and is therefore able to detect HTML5-Videos on any site. It can even detect some flash-videos, without requiring flash player to be installed. Note that support for flash videos is limited, so don't expect it to work on every site. But it has been reported to work quite some sites, including putlocker, sockshare, movshare, novamov, filenuke, played, nowvideo, clicktovie, nosvideo, videozed, faststream, nowvideo, potlocker, putme, bitshare, streamcloud, movreel, vidstream.in, xvidstage, billionuploads, primeshare, ginbig, ...


This is a trial version that is limited to a 14 day trial period. The trial can be unlocked inside the App (in-app billing) for ~3.30 € plus VAT, if applicable. You'll see the exact price in your local currency before you buy it. Buying it removes Ads and allows to use it for a unlimited time on all your devices that use the same Google-Play account for installation.
Alternatively it can be used for free by recommending it to others using the integrated referral feature. Each successful referral earns you one additional month of free usage. There is no limit to this rule. So you can use it free indefinitely by referring enough users.

Why don't you offer vGet completely for free without requiring referrals?
Developing and maintaining an App costs money. For some very popular Apps, Ads can cover these costs. Unfortunately that doesn't work for vGet. We think that the 14 day trial period should allow you to figure out if actually want to use it. Charging for vGet is the only way to keep working.
But it's way too expensive: Well, you often don't even get a pint of beer for that amount. Also be aware that we've to spent at least 2/3 of the price on transaction fees and taxes.

- Youtube is not supported due to terms of service restrictions.
- No support for any streaming formats (HLS, rtsp)
- Flash videos are not detected on all websites

Reasons for App-Permissions:
- Full network access: required for downloads and DLNA.
- WLAN-Multicast: required for DLNA to detect local devices.
- USB-Storage: required for saving downloads.
- Start at boot: to resume downloads automatically after rebooting.
- Prevent sleep mode: required while downloading to keep active downloads running.
- Accounts (use accounts on the device/find accounts): Used as authentication for the optional referral feature.
If you experience any problems or have suggestions for improvements, please report them on http://vget.w69b.com/bugs.

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